Things I’ve worked on during my life-time as a developer.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the most recent or professional projects I have worked on.

  • CargoSprout

    Optimizing the global supply chain by using A.I automation to connect Freight Forwards with trusted transportation companies.

  • Fundmeister

    A personal project of mine. Fundmeister is a crowdfunding application focuses heavily on community decisions. The goal is to create a platform where the transparency and accountability of the project is the main focus.

  • Racing Edge by Wildbunch Software

    Racing Edge connects the global motoring market by introducing key software solutions. Our Paddock software powers the marketplaces of race tracks and car clubs worldwide.

  • Agreement Express

    Digitizing the onboarding process and reducing risk in underwriting with powerful custom solutions that fit your needs

  • Classed Up

    An interactive and innovative way to learn and teach. Classed Up is a platform that allows teachers to create and share interactive lessons with their students.